Suite Autonomy

Suite Autonomy is a decentralized trading and escrow platform for Ether and Ethereum-based tokens.
Borrow, Lend, Hire, Freelance, Bank, Trade, Escrow, Create debt notes. All within a powerful intuitive platform suite.


For the security and the best user experience we're creating an application and not a website. Avoiding the weaknesses that traditional websites has to endure on a daily basis. Smart contracts may be unstoppable but websites are not. We believe website as an interface for smart contracts are not immune to downtime. We must change that.


Suite Autonomy's functionality and existence is backed by the solid existence of decentralized blockchain smart contract technologies. Code is Law. The law cannot be updated.


Suite Autonomy is represented by the RICO. This tokens' primary function is proof of ownership of share in the Suite Autonomy platform.
The Suite Autonomy platform charge users a 0.5% fee per transaction. By smart contract functionality the RICO will attract dividends from the earnings of the Suite Autonomy platform every 15 days.
The RICO will also be the Flag Ship token for our development group. All future Decentralized Autonomous Smart Contract Applications developed by our group will distribute all earnings to owners of the RICO tokens.

The Team



System Designer

Scott Lindh

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Dividend Distribution

This is a launch of a blockchain company that exist within the realm of the ethereum blockchain. There are no official; founders, helpdesk nor are there takebacks, politics or discussions to be taken place after the dapp's contracts are launched.

We hope that you will like the platform and use it to make your lives, your worlds and the entire world a better place.

Suite Autonomy provides a level of freedom to user that will disrupt the current traditional counterpart models. The design of this business model is to make the users of the Suite Autonomy platform as well as owners of the RICO tokens the actual beneficiaries of the platform. This we believe is a way to decentralized the ownership in order to give the platform a way to survive scrutiny if any.

Motivation: Current interfaces that are introducing a new business class and asset class such as Steemit are awesome. We found a problem in traditional counterparts to solve that we are able to solve with the use of blockchain smart contract technology. The decision was made to create a business class dapp suite that is simplified enough for anyone to understand and take an advantage by using.